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To Book: use our BOOK NOW page.

A 1 Hour Holding Deposit Per Day, is required and implies your acceptance of all of our policies.  

It does cover your first hour of service.

We have both:
Vehicle For Hire Services with Guide Drivers.
Driver Only For Hire Services with Guide Drivers.

Car Service Providers are at this link here: Vehicles For Hire.

For the Driver Only Service Providers:
You provide all the transportation needs: The Vehicle [ Rental ( See Below for adding your driver. ) or Privately Owned.]; Fuel; Full Coverage Insurance that covers a Hired Driver ( If using your personal insurance? Check with them for Hired Driver Coverage.); Bridge Tolls and Parking-if any.

The Provider comes to you and provides you with a safe, courteous and professional - Wine Tasting Driver.

Adding Your Guide Driver To Your Rental Car:

All Rental Car Companies have a policy, that requires all additional drivers be signed on to the contract to be covered.

You can rent anywhere you wish. It may require an Airport Rental Car Office meeting to add your Driver Provider to your contract. 

There is a charge for an Airport meeting. See below. Adding Locally is Free.

It is easiest to add our driver up here at a local office, by driving them to the office. You are given up to 30 minutes to do this process Locally. At No Charge.

We need to know which of the below you will be using:

Which Rental Car Company?
( Our easiest to use are:  Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty. No matter what city or airport location that you rent it from. )

Will it be 
with their full coverage insurance;

Or, a combination of the rental company's Liability and your CC's Comp/Collision coverage insurance;  

Or, your personal full coverage insurance?   
The last 2, may only cover you driving and not a Hired Driver. Check with them please. You will need to have this all on, for the duration of your rental.

For Napa:
It is easiest for us to use; Hertz, Dollar or Thrifty. Since Hertz owns all three. They are our preferred companies to use, for their ease of use only. 

If it is a Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty Rental Vehicle?
You will need to text your driver your Rental Record Number,
after you have collected your vehicle when you arrive. This is not
the Confirmation Number. You will have the RR #, after you sign the 
Rental Car contract.

We need it by 11am. on Saturday, for Sunday tasting days. As their local Napa office is closed Sunday and Holidays.

We can also use Avis and Budget in Napa. 
It requires you to go in to the Napa Offices to get your driver on your rental car contract. Also, they are the only Offices open on Sundays in Napa. It can be problematic to get in and out of their offices easily though.

For Sonoma, Santa Rosa or a City Location:
It is easiest for us to use; Hertz, Dollar or Thrifty. Plus, these below.

If it is an Avis or a Budget Rental Vehicle?
You will add our driver up here at a local office. By driving them to the closest office, either in Downtown Santa Rosa or at the Santa Rosa Airport. We give you up to 30 minutes to do this process. At No Charge. 
If it is a National Vehicle?
You will need to do the below.

Their closest office is in the Santa Rosa Airport. You would either need to go there the day of your tasting day or pay a meeting fee of $35, to meet a driver there before your day or a $75 Fee to meet at OAK/SFO/SAC, when you arrive.  

There are no: Fox, Payless, Advantage or smaller rentals up here. 
It will require a SFO/OAK/SAC Airport or City location meeting with your driver. To add them on to your contract.Your driver would have to meet you when you arrive. It is a $75 fee, to meet your driver at one of those the airport/city locations.  

If it is not one of those companies above?

We can use others.
It would require an Airport Meeting with a $75 Fee, to add your Driver Provider. 

We cannot use Enterprise or Ride Shares.

If you want to be able to drink in the vehicle? 

You can use this link for our  Vehicle Service Providers for Hire.

Please use the link below, to see our other Testimonials.

Thank You,
The Napa Sonoma Wine Tasting Driver

For All Your Driver For Hire And Car For Hire Services.

Phone: 707-744-4764 and 707-307-9051
Office Hours: 8am. - 8pm. Daily

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Wine Tasting Excursion Tips:
Place your deli orders ahead of time and avoid the long lines.
Hydrate with good old H2O, during your Wine Tasting Excursions.
Be sure to have a great & safe time on your visit.

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