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The Driver Only Rates are on this page.

All guide driver service providers and car service providers are paid the amount owed in cash or with a CC, if approved. Daily.

The balance is due at the end of your Tasting Day, as they are professional independent contractors.

For any CC use or for an Invoice? There will be a Fee of 4%. 

Click this link for the Vehicles For Hire Information.

Here are the Rates for the Driver Only Service Providers.

$25 Per Hour for Sunday - Wednesday.
$30 Per Hour for Thursday - Saturday/Holiday. 

Click here To Book, for groups of 7 or less only. 

For Larger Groups? Clink this link Vehicles Rates Page.

The Rates, do not include any gratuity. There is not a "Built In Tip" with either service. Your driver or owner operator should earn their gratuity. Please base it on the whole total for the day, not just the balance.


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Wine Tasting Excursion Tips:
Place your deli orders ahead of time and avoid the long lines.
Hydrate with good old H2O, during your Wine Tasting Excursions.
Be sure to have a great & safe time on your visit.
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