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Cancellation Policy

A cancellation must be made in writing by email.

Please, make sure that you send a Cancellation Email to both your Driver/Operator's

Email and our Sales Email. That way everyone gets a copy.

*Any cancellation must be by Written Notice.*

***A 7 Day Notice for a refund is required.***

**For a cancellation within 7 days, but 4 days before trip.

You will be billed at 50% of that date's balance.**

*For a cancellation inside 4 Days/96 Hours.

You will be billed at 100% of that date's balance.*

*Starting from May 1st, 2021, 4% CC fee is non-refundable*

Thank You,

The Napa Sonoma Wine Tasting Driver

Wine Tasting Excursion Tips:

Place your deli orders ahead of time and avoid the long lines.

Hydrate with good old H2O, during your Wine Tasting Excursions.

Be sure to have a great & safe time on your visit.

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Phone: 888-998-8003

Phone Hours: 8 am. - 8 pm. Daily

Email Address:

[email protected]